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Corporate Gifts

Giving gifts is an intrinsic part of our culture. Whether the purpose is commemorative or purely social, we offer gifts on a wide variety of occasions. Yet, within the corporate world, gifts can often serve additional, strategic purposes.

Despite the major advances in marketing technologies over the last half century, what has not changed is the human psychology of business practices. Much of the success of business relies upon the relationships that develop between the various parties. And, relationships are based upon human emotions.

Anyone who has attended a business convention will attest to the fact that the most popular displays are, quite often, those that are giving away free gifts. More often than not, these gifts are some small item of relative little value, bearing the corporate logo of the business.

Or, for example, if you visit the corporate offices of a new client, how often do you leave with some small item that they have presented to you as “their thanks for visiting us?”

Chances are very good that the drinks’ coaster, pen, letter holder, magnet, picture frame -or whatever the gift may be – is something that you would not purchase yourself. But, by virtue of the fact that it was given to you, chances are very good that you will display it and likely use it. Moreover, the logo or company information of the giver is now in front of you and lodged in your conscience. Additionally, if the gift is somewhat unique, visitors to your office are likely to comment and question its origins, leading to a discussion about that other business.

Quite often, a small investment in corporate gifts has a much greater ROI than regular media advertising. The gift is a form of advertising that is far more personal. Salespeople know that offering a small gift to a potential customer is a great ice-breaker. Many direct-mail charitable campaigns include small gifts to potential donors as “our way of thanking you for thinking about us.” These small gifts often produce larger donations than the most colorful and emotional literature.

The bottom line is quite simple. Although “it is better to give than to receive,” human nature dictates that we still love to receive. Although you may forget with whom you were recently discussing general business matters, you are most likely to remember where you received that unique pen that you are writing with. And, when you present someone with a small gift that will sit smartly on their desk, don’t be surprised when they remember you as well.

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